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Technical Services
Site Planning Any Internet presence needs to have goals. These may be stated in may ways. For example, an organization's Internet presence might be defined in terms of enhancing customer relationships, selling products, or  communicating about the organization.
Site Design Elements of site design include technical aspects such directory layout, image storage, or database activities.
Hypertext Development Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML) is the heart of how documents are transmitted across the Internet. Most web pages on a site will be created using HTML.
Scripting In order to reduce subsequent maintenance, to enhance the currency of a web site, and to provide a more interactive experience, scripting within HTML pages is often desirable. Scripting allows linkages to databases, interactivity, and other functionality that is not available in straight HTML.
Ongoing Maintenance To keep the web site current, it must be maintained on at least a monthly basis. Maintenance may include additions to and deletions from the databases, insertion of new pages, or changes to existing pages.
Creative Services
Text-Based Graphics Text-based graphics are the images that are used in this page and throughout the site. For example, the "Services" image at the top of this page is a text-based graphic. This allows typographic interest without needing the visitor to have that font on their PC in order to render the page as it was designed.
Complex Graphics Often, web sites will use graphic images or photographs in addition to text-based graphics. These images may be part of the company's graphic identity, such as a logo, or other images that define the organization.
Page Design To maintain consistency throughout the web site, pages are designed that transmit a unified theme throughout a particular area. For example, if an organization that has a set of services that fit into a category, all pages related to that category might have a similar look and feel.
Copy Writing Content suitable for the Internet is often shorter and in a more bullet form than one would find in an organization's printed material. To impart a quick impression and spur the web site visitor to action, copy is often compressed.
Marketing Services
Integration An Internet presence represents only one element of an organization's marketing and communication program. All elements of a program should work together and compliment other aspects of the complete program.
Action Planning Where specific actions are required to integrate the web presence into the marketing program, these activities should be identified and a plan and budget developed for implementation.
Site Marketing An Internet presence is of little value to stakeholders, customers, or prospects if these individuals do not know about it. Sites should be submitted to search engines and catalogs in order that individuals can find information. In addition, it may be desirable to have the site connected with complementary sites from other organizations.
Results Tracking An Internet presence is of no value if it does not meet the goals identified in the site planning phase. Mechanism need to be put in place to track site activity and results.
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