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For any of the services identified below, pricing can be arranged on a total contract basis. Or a not-to-exceed estimate can be made on each service or the web site in total.
Technical Services
Site Planning $50 per hour, plus expenses for domain name registration, server contract, etc.
Site Design $50 per hour, not to exceed $300.
Hypertext Development $50 per page.
Scripting $75 per page.
Ongoing Maintenance Flat monthly fee based on anticipated change volume or per page rate.
Creative Services
Text-Based Graphics $25 per graphic.
Complex Graphics Pass through expense from contract graphic artist. Estimate can be provided for planning purposes.
Page Design $100 for template development.
Copy Writing $40 per hour for editing existing copy.  $50 per hour for new copy.
Marketing Services
Integration $50 per hour.
Action Planning $50 per hour.
Site Marketing $50 per hour plus expenses to be agreed upon prior to marketing.
Results Tracking $50 per hour report preparation, not to exceed $200 per month.
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