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The property for this project is 11.33 acres and is shown in the image below.  The split in the arch under the address is the existing driveway.  The outline on the plan at the end of the driveway is an existing foundation -- house and garage -- that was removed prior to the construction of our house, the turnaround for garage, and extra parking.

We had the slab tested to determine whether or not it was suitable for any purposes and found that it was not.  There was an existing multi-story house on the site that burned in the late 80's.  Testing revealed that the slab had voids beneath it and would not be suitable for building.

The rectangle with an open end below the existing foundation was the site of a swimming pool.  We are in "discussions" about that this site will be.  The options are a sunken garden with some water focal point, such as a fountain, or another swimming pool  However, the area is surrounded by trees and so keeping a pool clean would be a major activity.

The smaller rectangle below and to the left of the foundation is a studio without any amenities except electricity.

To the left of the studio is a road that has been abandoned by the city and belongs to us, though there is right of way for utilities remaining there.  This can provides access to the back of the property for future development.

Each of the small, roughly rectangular shapes are just under an acre.  The large shape at the bottom is approximately 6 acres.  The land has a high point on the Vanshire Road side and goes downhill toward the double lines at the center of the image.   There is a ravine there with various crossing points.  The property then flattens out somewhat before beginning to rise again.  At the top of the rise at the bottom of the image, you can see Lake Worth below.

Given the proximity to the lake and the way the wind blows, a nice breeze comes over the hill at the bottom of the image and up past the location where the house is.
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