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Any construction project uses tools.  If you're building a car, you might use wrenches.   If you're building a house, you might use a hammer and saw.  The construction of this web site used several tools and I'll give credit to the makers of those tools.

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Internet Explorer Logo
I firmly believe that without Microsoft, the Internet would not be where it is today.  Many aspects of the computing industry would not be where they are today.  Without the competitive impetus provided by Microsoft and Bill Gates, the industry would not have been pushed to achieve what has been achieved.  So, to all whining, cry-baby, corporate nay-sayers, I say, "Get a life.  This sight works best with IE."  (I do have Netscape Navigator on my computer but it went south and I haven't had the inclination to fix it.)

Microsoft didn't pay me to say this, I don't work for Microsoft, and I've never met Bill Gates.  However, how many companies do you know that would send you a CD-ROM service patch to be delivered overnight on Saturday to my house at their expense.  Of course they make bundles of money and can afford to do it.  However, I know of no other company that would do this; after you've bought the product, they'll take their own sweet time about servicing it.

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Microsoft FrontPage
Another Microsoft product.  This is an older version, 3.0.  When I upgraded to Office 2000, I just didn't feel like it was the right time to upgrade this version of that package.  I've bought it as a standalone in the past and am pretty content with how it operates.  (The new Office, on the other hand, is great!  I'm sorry it took so long to get the implementation of the multiple clipboards!)

compaq.gif (511 bytes) Compaq makes a darn good computer.  They are dependable little work horses.  The machine I used to build this web site is my second Compaq Presario.  This one is a 4824, at one time the fastest Presario you could buy.  By the time I got it home, that was no longer the case.  It is a Pentium II, running at 233 MHz, with 96 Meg of RAM.  It's very serviceable though I do notice it bogs down a little rendering graphics.

UleadLogo.gif (2722 bytes) I forget what graphic editing software I was using when I found PhotoImpact.  Not a particularly memorable package!  I've been using this package (now in Beta 5) since it was in Beta 1.  The package I have is version 4.0 with the web add-ins for file compression, animation, etc.  The compression utility is amazing and you can thank the quick-loading of these pages for that compression.

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