Construction starts with site preparation.  The thumbnails below show that process as it unfolded.   Each of the thumbnails has a larger image "behind" it.  Click on the image to see a larger view.  Use the browser Back button to return to this page.  Some of the images may be large, so allow time to load.
Looking Up Hill Thumbnail This was the location of the previous structure.  Notice the thickness of the slab to be removed.
Picture1t.jpg (15692 bytes) This is a view from the driveway toward the house.  The old slab has been removed.
Picture2t.jpg (16142 bytes) To level out the lot, we had to put in a retaining wall on which to build the pad to put the slab.  This picture show the forms for the retaining wall.
picture3t.jpg (18733 bytes) This shows the driveway end of the retaining wall and the two Post Oak trees that we save to shade the breezeway.
picture4t.jpg (14891 bytes) This picture shows the retaining wall with the form removed.
picture5t.jpg (15215 bytes) This shows the pad begin constructed and the select fill and sand that was used.
picture6t.jpg (15042 bytes) The slab has been formed up.   The piers drilled and poured, and the plumbing rough in has been completed.
picture7t.jpg (17706 bytes) Installation of the steel for the slab.  Boy, the sky was blue in this photo.
picture8t.jpg (15681 bytes) The picture is looking the other way from the ones above.  It is taken from what will be the master bedroom; the living room is beyond the step-up.
picture9t.jpg (19282 bytes) To get to the other side of the slab, a cement pumping truck with a large boom was used.  This is a picture of the truck.
picture10t.jpg (15188 bytes) And with the boom fully extended to the other side of the slab.
picture11t.jpg (17943 bytes) The process of pouring the slab.  It took about three hours to pour.
picture12t.jpg (17506 bytes) The finished pour, before the final finishing.  This is looking into the garage.  This was another "blue sky day!"
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