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Work Examples

The links below are to sites that I have created.
DSS Research (And a number of sub-sites.)
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)Site related to market research Unity Church of Fort Worth, Texas
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)Site related to attitude, awareness, and usage
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)research
Maranatha Christian Fellowship (Now maintained by the pastor.)
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)Site related to conjoint analysis
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)Site related to market segmentation research
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)Site related to NCQA HEDIS/CAHPS (An
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)element of this site uses frames which I almost
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)never use and dislike except in very particular
10x10Spacer.gif (41 bytes)circumstances.)
(HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance -- NCQA; CAHPS is a registered trademark for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality -- AHRQ.)

The links below contain pages that use Active Server Page (ASP) technology. This technology runs on Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), on several different platforms. This particular site is hosted on a Windows NT server.  Each link below enters a discrete application. Since ASP compiles at the server and feeds to the HTML stream, there is no way to view the code behind each page. If you're interested in the code, send me an eMail and I'll ship it to you.

Eguipment Auction This application generates a list of equipment available for purchase.  When a piece of equipment is selected to bid, the previous highest bid is shown to the bidder.  A bid can be made and that bid is saved to a file.
Form Builder This application builds a dropdown box by reading a database with multiple fields containing the same categories of information in one field.  A DISTINCT query is used.
Document Loader This application queries a database and dynamically creates a table of documents which can then be loaded into the browser window.  This application may require plug-ins, viewers, or the Microsoft Office be installed.   An Internet Explorer or Netscape 4.x browser is recommended.
Secure Document This page demonstrates the use of password protected files.  Each document requires a password to open. These files may require plug-ins, viewers, or the Microsoft Office be installed.

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