The House Project There may be any number of components in a dream.  After all, it's a dream.  Some dreamers create the mental picture and bring their dream to life.  Others never get around to manifesting that dream, being content -- perhaps -- with enjoyment of the mental activity of the dream.  The dream has no real value, though, if it is not brought into fruition.  No dream is manifested without mental activity followed by physical activity.

The pioneers went West; that was their dream: to build a life in uncivilized and open space.  The astronauts went to the moon; that was their dream: to conquer the unknowns of space.  Bill Gates may have dreamed about a set of instructions that would allow a binary machine to approach the capacity of the human brain.  All these things happened through mental activity followed by action.

So this dream, The House Project, is a dream to construct a retreat center where we will live and invite people to come and get away, away from anything or nothing, but get away.  It looks like it will be a phased-in dream, an economic reality.  Our first structure will be our house,  followed by other structures -- meeting space, lodging, recreation --  followed by still other, unknown phases.

The mind is a wonderful and terrible thing.  It can create the Taj Mahal, or just take you on a joy ride where the destination is never reached.  The mind loves projects like this.  It gets to do what it loves and does best -- create scenarios, review data, weight and measure, calculate, enumerate, catastrophize, fantasize, and so on, on and on.

So, this web site is about that: the mental process and the physical process, theoretical and practical.  The marvelous thing is that it is a process, and that process is going on now.  We began moving dirt around on July 18, 2000.  If everything goes according to the plan created by significant mental activity, we will be finished with phase one, our primary residence, by Christmas.   Subsequent phases to follow.  We are planning for our first event in February, though there are a number of contingencies related to that.

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Revised:  04/03/09
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